OM Nation Dubai president visits the RLD Centre

tue 05 mar at 10:10
Vidéo © 2016
On the 26th of February, the president and co-founder of the Dubai fan club came to the RLD Centre as part of a visit to Marseille, during which he met with Club leaders and was able to tell us a little bit more about the OM Nation Dubai.

Since the creation of their Fan Club was officially recognised on the 20th of February, Chris Degenis, Nicolas Dechenaux, Patrick Arzoumanian and Renan Bourdeau - founders of OM Nation Dubai - represent OM in the United Arab Emirates. They are the 11th official fan club in les Olympiens' rapidly expanding OM Nation.

Chris, president of the fan club, visited and met with OM's International Business Development Manager, before talking on-camera about how he lives his passion for OM from Dubai: "I was born in Marseille and I grew up here. Even if lately the team results were not as good as expected, I'll always stand behind the only club I love, OM. Here in Dubai we sing, we shout, we've got the club's back! It's something unique that we do not see in other clubs."

The Dubai fan club has been able to host members from other city's fan clubs several times. Members of OM Nation Abidjan, Casablanca and San Francisco have already visited them and watched a match in Dubai alongside our newest fan club. All in a fabulous setting: at Wavebreaker, where they enjoy games on a giant screen at the waterfront!