OM - Amiens (2-1) | Reactions from the team

21 may 2018
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See the post-match reactions from Maxime Lopez, Valère Germain, Bouna Sarr, and Boubacar Kamara after the 2017-18 season finale.

Maxime Lopez : «I grew a lot with this team»

"Of course we're disappointed, we all would have liked to be in the Champions League next year. But once we move beyond that, we must think the season was exceptional — we played a European Cup final, we finished 4th when 6 months back nobody would have bet on us for a final or to finish 4th. It's beautiful what we did, I'm proud of the whole team, I really had a great season. I learned with everyone, I celebrated, I laughed, I cried. It was exceptional.

"I think it's been difficult since the game against Lyon here in Marseille. We had a lead and they came to win, and they overtook us. It's not just one game, one point, one goal, one penalty. I personally have a little regret that there was a chance to be in the Champions League next year.

"I'm happy to be in the Europa League, it's a tough competition. It's a European Cup and it must not be taken lightly. I think we will have high expectations too because we were a finalist this year. Next year will be different and we will not have any qualifiers to enter as we will be qualified directly."

Valère Germain : «The fans can be proud of this team»

"Certainly, the goal of the beginning of the season was to do better than last year and finish 4th at least. We did it, but being so close to the top-3 and even being in it for a big part of the season, inside the dressing room we had what it took. We really wanted to be second or at least third, but ultimately we are 4th.

“We had to do the job on our side and hope for a misstep from our competitors. We believed in the end when the stadium got up, we believed, we thought about it and in the end it wasn’t to be. It is not tonight alone that we can blame, it is the whole season and maybe some points at the beginning of the season. It is the whole thing.

“I think we made the fans in Marseille happy, they are proud of this team."

Bouna Sarr : «It's a good sign for the future»

"We won on the last day, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to put us in the top-3. We can only be satisfied with our season as a whole. I do not think anyone expected us to be here at the beginning of the season, especially in comparison with the great tournament we played in the European Cup. I am happy.

“We are happy with what we have accomplished. To have the supporters we have, they always have the desire to return to the stadium to support us. This is a good sign already for next season."

Boubacar Kamara : «Next year will be better»

"Yes, we have are disappointed, because in the season as a whole, we think we deserved more but unfortunately we finished 4th. We had a very good season and I hope that next year we will be better.

"It was my first year on pro contract. At first it was difficult, but I adapted to the professional world. I had more playing time at the end of the season."