Guingamp - OM (3-3) | Rudi Garcia's post-match reaction

12 may 2018
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2017-2018 Season - Ligue 1 Conforama - Matchday 37 - Guingamp 3-3 OM: The post-match reaction of OM coach Rudi Garcia.
Rudi Garcia: "It's a disappointment"

"It's a disappointment because we started well, we can only congratulate the boys on the start of the match, having led two goals after 15 minutes. Congratulations, too, to the guys on being led 3-2, playing 10-v-9 and being able to equalize and have several chances that we could have won. But no congratulations are in line for the guys for allowing two goals between the 40th and 45th minute while leading 2-0 away from home. This is where I blame them, we should never have a lapse in concentration like this, dropping a lead before half-time. There are important moments in a match, that one was one. So, I think we did not win the game because of this, not because of the rest, not because we had trouble starting the second half.

We will recover because we also played at 10 men, for a long time. I think Steve should never have been kicked out, that was a penalty obviously — there's no challenge from me on that —  but it's a big mistake to have him thrown out. That's how it is, there is not much that helped us tonight. We helped ourselves at the beginning and the end, but I tell you there were times of the match when we did not help ourselves much, so we can only blame ourselves."