OM - Lyon (2-3) | Thauvin, Payet & Mandanda share their thoughts

20 mar 2018
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Steve Mandanda, Dimitri Payet and Florian Thauvin share their thoughts following Matchday 30 of the Ligue 1 Conforama.
Steve Mandanda : «It's regrettable»

“We have a lot of frustration and disappointment. We did not do a good game, defensively, it costs us the match. We did not make the effort, we did not defend in unison. What is unfortunate is that we talked a lot this week: I read, I heard about it and in the end, we blew ourselves up. That’s what’s most regrettable. When there are two minutes left and we have just equalized, we must not allow the third goal. We lost the duel and that's why Lyon wins.

"Lyon won and comes back to within two points. We lost and it wasn’t the match we needed. Third place in the League will be played out with Lyon, 1-on-1 now since Monaco appear far clear of us. We will fight to the end and we'll see. We will do our utmost to maintain this position, we will see at the end of the season how things will play our and we will then take stock. We cannot throw everything away. It is annoying, annoying and even regrettable but the campaign continues. We should have taken advantage and hung in second place when we had it, but now that is moving away and we will fight for third place with Lyon."

Dimitri Payet : «We have work to do now»

"Obviously, we are disappointed because we allowed another goal and suffered defeat. The result is not ours so we are disappointed. There was a lack of aggressiveness at certain times in the match. In this kind of game, it shows and costs you. They managed their highs better than us and were more opportunistic. After our first goal, we stopped playing when we should have pressed our point. We will look at what we need to correct and work to fix it. You can’t ignore the wounded animal, and we did. They were able to react, we helped them at times, and finally we lost three points and we put pressure on ourselves for the end of the season. We look more behind than before. We have to secure the third place because, we could not do what we needed to in order to finish higher."

Florian Thauvin : «We were not at 100%»

"There was a lack of aggresson in our fight, we lost too many duels. We led 1-0 and we ultimately lose 3-2. That is not normal, mentally we have were too weak. We should have the state of mind of warriors, we should not let go until the end. Usually, we will look for victory in the final minutes and this time it was against us, so our mentality must not have been 100%.

"We lost points and Monaco is widening the gap for second with us. There will be a battle to the end with Lyon. To qualify for the Champions League, that will be big, so we will have to give something more on the pitch right now, otherwise it will not go well for us. "