OM - Atletico | Player Reactions

17 may 2018
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Adil Rami, Florian Thauvin and Bouna Sarr shared their thoughts following the Europa League final on Wednesday in Lyon. Atletico de Madrid's Antoine Griezmann also shared his opinions on Olympique de Marseille's club, team, supporters and captain - Dimitri Payet.

Adil Rami

"It's a big disappointment, but afterwards we must not forget where we come from. We played against a magnificent Atlético de Madrid.

"We lacked experience. In football, sometimes you do not have to play the ball. I knew the strengths of this team well. It would take advantage of any balls we lost. We saw a very dangerous Antoine Griezmann, who took advantage of that. He made the difference.

"We must learn from this match. If we want to play the Champions League or the Europa League next year, we will have to go through mental challenges. We can still be proud of our journey. It was a beautiful day of celebration. We don't need to throw everything in the trash."

Florian thauvin

"We started the game very well. We then allowed that first goal and we had trouble picking our heads back up.

"Too bad. It breaks my heart. We had a beautiful journey. Our season is still good. We would have liked to be rewarded with a trophy, but football is like this sometimes. We played against a big club. Faced with such challenges, we learned a lot and we must draw the best conclusions. Their experience was the difference, also the injury to Dimitri Payet. "

bouna sarr

"We are disappointed. We had made such a beautiful journey ...

"We failed in the final. We are not going to lie: we played against a very big club. The injury to Dimitri Payet hurt us. He is one of our leaders. It had a lot to to do with the way the game changed. We had a good start to the game, with opportunities - to our credit. We allowed the first goal against the run of play and we have never managed to get back into the match."

antoine griezmann

"I'm obviously very happy but I want to congratulate Marseille, which is a very big club with a very good team.

"We saw all the supporters behind them. Throughout the entire match, the whole tournament. It was beautiful to see. I hope they will qualify for the next Champions League. I also hope that Dimitri will recover quickly and that he will be called up for the French National Team by Didier Deschamps. He is a very good friend!"