Sion 2-3 OM: a second victory for OM

05 jul 2017
Thierry Agnello
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Frédéric Speich / La Provence 2017
Thanks to Ocampos, Germain and Sarr, Olympique triumphed over FC Sion 3-2, completing their first stage of pre-season training in Switzerland
FC Sion 2-3 Olympique Marseille

Pre-season match ahead of the 2017-18 season
Stade Saint-Laurent – Saillon (Switzerland)
Crowd size: 3,500
Half-time: 0-2
Referees: Alain Bieri assisted by Alain Heininger, Christopher Chaillet and Luca Cibelli
Goals – OM: Ocampos (11), Germain (13), Sarr (58) – FC Sion: Schneuwly (46), Karlen (62)
OM : Pelé (Escales 46) – Sarr (Aloé 65), Rolando (captain) (Fanni 46), Doria (Bedimo 46), Evra (Rocchia 46) – Lopez (Khaoui 65), Sertic (Kamara 46), Sanson (Chabrolle 65) – Cabella (Sari 65), Germain (Njie 46), Ocampos (Zakouani 65)
Did not play: Madede, Rabillard, Doukansy, Abdallah
Manager: Rudi Garcia

Concluding this opening phase of initial preparation for the new season, tougher opponents faced Olympique this Wednesday in Saillon. It was an opportunity for Rudi Garcia to assess the performance of his team, both physically and how they play together after a week of basic conditioning.
On the pitch, he opted for a fairly traditional formation, with a four-man defence of Evra, Rolando, Doria and Sarr ahead of Yohan in goal, with a three-man middle row (Sertic, Sanson, and Lopez) and a trio of Cabella, Germain, and Ocampos up front showing up for kick-off. A well aligned team who know each other rather well.
With the majority of possession from kick-off onward, the Olympians also produced the first opportunity. A free kick by Maxime Lopez in the fifth minute failed to amount to anything, but the Marseilles midfielder put things right a few minutes later by finding Ocampos who seized the opportunity and put OM 1-0 ahead in the ninth. The Argentine was highly visible during the start of the match, as was Valère Germain who showed his easy, confident movement and his strong sense of team. He was also responsible for doubling the lead a few minutes later, following a poor challenge by the Sion defender, Paulo Ricardo, on Rémy Cabella, who gave the former Monaco player his chance to shine, putting OM 2-0 ahead in the 11th minute.
These two goals confirmed a strong and confident quarter hour of play by a Marseilles team that was getting into its stride. With a commanding lead, they forced the Swiss players onto the defensive, with the captain, Rolando, and his team-mates dominating the game. Pushed back beyond the thirty-metre line, FC Sion twice came close to conceding an extra goal, starting with Germain who failed to take advantage of the pressure applied by Cabella to make it a double (20th minute), then by Ocampos in the 31st whose mid-height strike came very close to finding the back of the net.
However, Sion eventually got back into the game as half-time approach. It started with a corner deflected by Akolo, which came to nothing in the 43rd minute, before Dimarco's powerful strike after a poor challenge by Marseilles in the box meant that Johan Pelé had to save the day.
Four substitutions (Escales, Kamara, Fanni, Rocchia and Nije) were made at half time. Sion took advantage of the dawning of this second period to awaken the large crowd, thanks to Schneuwly, who put one past Escales to make it 2-1 in the 46th. This goal gave them a new lease of life, with the Swiss team being much more involved, but OM retook the upper hand following a series of passes that culminated in a powerful strike by Bouna Sarr with a stunning right-hand cross (3-1 in the 58th). Inevitably, momentum began to fade as the minutes ticked down and tiredness set in, with the players' bodies being put to the test at the start of pre-season training. The two teams made several changes and rotated their squads.
For the Swiss team, Karlen triumphed in a duel with Doria, to reduce the gap to 3-2 with a corner in the 62nd minutes. The two teams were heading for the final whistle. After that, the score did not change again. OM win their second friendly, concluding their stay in Switzerland

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